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Slumba - Mattress in a box
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DISNEY© Pillow in-a-Box
Introducing the DISNEY© Pillow in-a-Box collection available from Slumba.

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4 Hour Delivery*

Free delivery Australia wide. *4 hour delivery available for mattress orders placed before 12 noon, Mon-Fri to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane metro areas.

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Gel Infused Memory Foam

Our top layer is infused with gel microbeads which helps regulate your sleeping temperature throughout the night. Gel infused memory foam is a phase changing material. This can be compared to putting ice into a drink; as the ice cubes change from solid to liquid, they absorb the heat and cool the drink.

The beads in the gel infused memory foam work in the same way, except the gel beads are encased and protected by a shell. When the body is in contact with the memory foam, the temperature rises and the gel beads absorb this heat and melt. The heat is then stored by the gel beads which decreases the temperature. As the temperature drops, the gel beads solidify and the remaining heat is released.

Infused Memory Foam

Our second layer is infused with bamboo-charcoal which wicks moisture, regulates temperature and has natural antibacterial properties. All thanks to its ultra-fine porous structure. The tiny gaps in Bamboo-charcoal absorb and repel unwanted nasties, helping you feel invigorated and refreshed, ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

Did we mention the cover is hypoallergenic? The tightly woven cover completely encloses the mattress, creating the first barrier of protection against dust mites. The mattress itself has been tested to meet CertiPUR-US rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability. It also meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for harmful substances.


Slumba mattress cradles your body in all the right places and evenly distributes pressure helping your joints rest from a big day. It also has that right level of support, which is kind to your spine and promotes a healthy natural alignment.

Our mission is simple,

To provide quality sleep that all Australians can afford.

Removable cover
Hypoallergenic cover
Anti-slip base

Shipped to your door in a box

Watch how it's done

Engineered for the Australian climate.
The Slumba mattress works with the climate, not against it.

The 25cm mattress is bursting at the seams with the following features

Layer 1 - Top Layer
4cm - Gel Infused Memory Foam

Layer 2 - Middle Layer
4cm - Bamboo-charcoal Infused
Memory Foam

Layer 3 - Base Layer
17cm - Motion-Isolating Support Foam

Layer 1 - Top Layer
4cm - Gel Infused Memory Foam

Layer 2 - Middle Layer
4cm - Bamboo-charcoal Infused
Memory Foam

Layer 3 - Base Layer
17cm - Motion-Isolating Support Foam

When your essential needs are met, you thrive.

It's not just a mattress but a lifestyle revolution

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We’ve performed rigorous
mattress tests

and have found the perfect support to help you thrive.