Our Story

Our mission is simple

We provide a quality of sleep that everyone deserves and can afford. Our daily activities take a toll on all of us and getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to optimising our personal performance. Our core value is to look after your sleep while you follow your dreams.

It is supportive

We’re here to change the way people perceive the mattress industry

By providing our customers with quality innovative products that are easily accessible, at realistic prices. We’ve set our price structures to the correct level, allowing you to spend those precious savings on other requirements in your daily life. Designed specifically for the Australian climate, Slumba mattress works with the climate, not against it. We want to inspire and reflect on what it means to be Australian. To create a community that laughs and thrives together.

We're taking the stress out of buying a mattress

No confusing price structures or industry jargon. Just down to earth customer service teamed with a fantastic sleeping experience.

It is Comfortable

Added benefits

We’ve partnered the soothing benefits of gel with bamboo-charcoal;
A thermal regulator with antibacterial properties

This union creates a pathway that naturally navigates heat away from the body.

It comes in a box

Nice n' Easy

Buying a Slumba mattress couldn’t be simpler

We’ve boxed up all the goodness in a compact, easy to transport box. Gone are the days of travelling from one bedding store to another, only to find you have to pay a tonne for delivery, or lump a big old mattress onto a trailer and hope it doesn’t fly off on the way home.

Slumba is simple to order

Comes straight to your door and is a breeze to set up. Not to mention, shipping is free!

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Contact us | (03) 9761 7041
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